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What Classes Do You Need?

  • Beginner Shooter   

  • Not Comfortable W/ Handgun

  • Need Handgun/ Shooting Refresher

  • Proficient W/ Handgun and Need CHL

  • CHL Holder and Want Advanced Concealed Carry/ Open Carry Training


Class Information

Click on the class name for more info!

>> Introduction To Handguns And CHL Combo - 
This course is specifically designed for the novice shooter, beginner shooter, or anyone who wants a refresher course on shooting a handgun.  We have taken our state of the art simulation system and coupled it with Go Strapped CHL's signature License To Carry/Concealed Handgun Course ($100 value).  The result is a world class 8 hour pistol instruction course to which everyone will not only feel comfortable with their handgun and have qualified for their LTC/CHL when they leave, but will have received top notch training from a Veteran Law Enforcement Instructor and Military Veteran. (See More)
>> Texas License To Carry/Concealed Handgun License Course -
This course is available for individuals who are familiar with handguns and wish to take the state required course to get their LTC/CHL License.  The class lasts approximately 4-6 hours with a short 50 round live-fire qualification. This includes Open Carry! (See More)
>> Advanced Workplace/ Church Defense -
Do you have a workplace or church group who routinely carry concealed handguns?  Would you like us to bring realistic training to your group?  We have taken decades of experience, the latest training, and the newest technology and combined it for the best and ONLY Advanced Situational Handgun Defense Course available.


Our system allows the student to completely immerse themselves into situational exercises and experience what it is like to actually defend yourself in a life and death situation.  Furthermore, with our state of the art LASR system using Pro-Model SIRT laser simulation guns, you can see exactly what your reaction times and shot placements are on the threat. (See More)

>> Advanced Handgun Defense Tactics -
For licensed LTC/CHL holders or those completely their basic LTC/CHL class. This course covers vital information that cannot be covered in the basic 4 hour CHL class. Course training includes concealed carry options, defensive tactics, interaction with law enforcement and more indepth conflict resolution and use of force. As well as defensive options when attending places you are not legally permitted to carry your open carry or concealed firearm.  (See More)
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