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Church Safety Team Training and Certification

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Go Strapped Firearms Training has been training church members and church safety/security teams specifically for over 7 years.  All of our instructors are State of Texas Certified License to Carry a Handgun Instructors.


The Lead Instructor and owner, Bryan Proctor, is also a certified TCOLE Instructor (Law Enforcement), State of Texas Certified School Safety Certification Instructor (Armed Teacher), among other certifications.

Church/ Workplace Security


A SUCCESSFUL Church Safety Team manages all aspects of safety.  Team members accomplish all kinds of tasks from checking fire-doors, cleaning dangerous spills, walking people to cars, directing traffic, ushering duties, escorting tithings, watches for suspicious behaviors, and handles minor to major disturbances.  A Church may allow members on the team to be armed for defensive purposes.  Having a Safety Team without some armed members is the equivalent of having fire sprinklers with no water.


We highly encourage a higher level of certification and training for armed members.  Below is a flyer describing the certification and training we offer.

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Training Program
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According to the FBI report released in 2014, workplaces (45.6%) and churches (3.8%) made up for 48% of all active shootings in the United States between 2000 and 2013.  An "Active Shooting" is defined only if 3 or more people die in the incident by gunfire.

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Of these 160 incidents, over 40% (largest category) ended after CITIZENS ended the shootings.  In these cases, the casualties were much less than others.  Law enforcement only ended 28% of the 160 incidents.

Sample Training Videos

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