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Texas License to Carry ONLINE Class

If you don't want to sit in a class for 4-6 hours for your License to Carry Training then take the online class!  We have made it quick and easy to certify for your LTC/CHL by doing it even on your phone!  Every student will receive the LTC-104 upon completion for submission to the Department of Public Safety so they can issue you your Texas License to Carry which is good for 38 different states!

Simple 3 step process!


Complete the 4 hr TX LTC Online Class and download your LTC-104 Class Completion Form Certified under Texas GC 411.188 and GC 411.190 to administer the LTC Online Course (classroom instruction only)

Only $60!


Take your LTC-104 and complete your LTC Live fire proficiency and safety class from us ($60) or any TX LTC Instructor! To schedule your proficiency, CLICK HERE


Complete the State Application process and submit your signed LTC-104.

Click HERE for the state application page

Click HERE to submit your LTC-104

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