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Bryan D. Proctor II - Owner/ Lead Instructor
Born and raised in Arlington TX, I joined the United States Air Force as a reservist/ guardsman in 1999 at the age of 20.  A distinguished graduate of the United States Air Force Security Forces School and Ground Combat school, I returned to my unit and served numerous deployments which included a deployment to South America prior to 9/11. 

I was hired as a Police Officer for a local police department where I was assigned as a patrol officer in 2001.  Immediately after 9/11 I was activated to active duty for a year and half serving in deployments to Afghanistan among other locations.  My final military deployment occurring in August 2005 for Hurricane Katrina in which I took part in a small task force to control and oversee the security of New Orleans and the evacuation of the Superdome and the New Orleans Convention Center. 

I was honorably discharged from the USAF at the rank of Staff Sergeant.  In April 2017, I retired with over 20 years in Law Enforcement .

In my career, and since founding Go Strapped Firearms Training in 2010, I have come to realize the importance of personal protection and defense of our second amendment rights.  I enjoy passing my knowledge on to others and take pride in helping people protect themselves and their families.
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Jessica Proctor - Instructor

Jessica Proctor has over a decade of experience in the law enforcement field. She has served for over 10 years as a police/ fire dispatcher and 911 operator. She is certified as a level 4 personal protection officer (bodyguard) and worked for a period of years as a bounty hunter and bond enforcement agent. Jessica is a License to Carry instructor certified with the Texas Department of Public Safety as well as a certified instructor with the Texas Private Security Bureau. Jessica is highly dedicated to personal safety and enjoys teaching others in a group environment.

Jason Hosaka- Instructor

As a husband and father to five, Jason places family safety and security as a top priority. He is a long time LTC (CHL) holder and loves teaching firearms use and safety to others. Jason is a veteran in the competitive shooting field and has competed on a local, state and national level in IDPA, USPSA and 3 gun. Jason also actively supports legislative efforts to strengthen and expand weapon and self-defense laws, and in fact has been instrumental in formulating recent weapons legislation..

Huard Headshot.jpg
Huard Harral- Instructor

Huard Harral has 10 years of experience as a training professional in the corporate community, 16 years of training experience in the Military as a Sergeant in the United States Army in both Infantry and Psychological Operations.  In the Law Enforcement community he has been a Patrol Officer, SWAT Officer, a Basic Academy Program Coordinator, Fire Marshall and Bailiff.  He is an innovative and highly energetic professional with a strong background in business development, management consulting, strategic planning, marketing development, curriculum design, development and delivery via Instructor-led, program facilitation, and assessment.  He has a special talent for creating an environment conducive to partnerships, collaboration, teamwork, and learning.  He is highly creative in program development, procedure improvement, and evaluation.  He has the ability to quickly establish and maintain a strong rapport with all levels of management, coworkers, and customers.  Additionally, he is adaptable, flexible, detail-oriented, and dedicated with a strong work ethic.

Erin Rodriguez

Erin has over 7 years experience in the security and personal protection industry.  Her experience includes, co-owner/instructor of a security licensing and training company, basic women’s self defense instructor, NRA Pistol Instructor, NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, Texas DPS License to Carry Instructor, physical fitness trainer and is American Red Cross CPR/Advanced Lifesaving certified.

Erin is currently employed as a Public School Teacher for a local school district. Erin’s passion is teaching and training people. As a mother of two daughters, Erin has dedicated a majority of her training toward empowering youth and women. She believes that women should have a basic knowledge of self defense and use of firearms.  Erin is a proud supporter of the Second Amendment and a defender of the U.S. Constitution. The wife of a Law Enforcement Officer, Erin passionately supports and honors all our first responders and military.

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