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Intro To Handguns Provided By Go Strapped Firearms Training | Dallas | Fort Worth | Texas
Intro To Handguns Provided By Go Strapped Firearms Training | Dallas | Fort Worth | Texas

Are you nervous about shooting a handgun?

Do you need a handgun refresher?

Never shot at a range before and don't know how it works?

Are you worried about the LTC/CHL live fire qualification?

Do you want to address these issues and get your LTC/CHL all at once?

This is the class for you!

Go Strapped Firearm Training's course Introduction to Handguns and LTC/CHL Combo class is specifically designed for the novice shooter, beginner shooter, or anyone who wants a refresher course on shooting a handgun.  We have taken our personal experience in decades of law enforcement and military experience, our proven system, and coupled it with Go Strapped Firearm Training's signature License To Carry/Concealed Handgun Course.  The result is a world class 8 hour pistol instruction course to which you will not only feel comfortable with their handgun and have qualified for their LTC/CHL when they leave, but will have received top notch training from a 15 year Law Enforcement Officer and Military Veteran. When you leave you will be able to file for your LTC license which allows you to open carry or concealed carry!


At Go Strapped Firearm Training, we use our experience and apply it in a relaxed, low-stress learning environment.  Instead of throwing you directly on the range using live ammunition, our Introduction Course starts off with a short classroom session followed by hands on applications with an instructor.  


10% Discount for Military Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers, Fire Fighters, EMS, Paramedics, L.V.N., R.N., 911 Emergency Dispatchers and School Teachers! (Proof required)

There is a limit of 10 Students per Combo Class so Register Early!

Class Sections

Introductions Classroom Portion

In the classroom portion we will discuss

  • Pistol Safety, Parts, and Operation

  • Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting

  • Pistol Shooting Postions

  • Pistol Cleaning, Storage, and Training


Introductions Hands-on Shooting Tactics Portion

Consists Hands-on simulated shooting segment where we learn

  • Range rules/ procedures

  • Complete run-through practice of the LTC/CHL Qualification 

  • Students will be completely comfortable and issue-diagnosed PRIOR to the CHL qualification!

  • Most of our introductory students leave the class shooting as well, if not better than experienced shooters!


License To Carry/Concealed Handgun License Portion

After the both portions of the Introduction class we will continue into the Concealed Handgun License portion.  Here we will discuss:

  • Use of Force

  • Civil Liability

  • Safe Storage of Firearms

  • Non-Violent Dispute Resolution

  • Texas Concealed Handgun Laws

  • How NOT to be a Victim and Survivability Mindset

  • Review and Testing


Students Need to Bring:

  • Handgun and at least 50 rounds of ammunition

  • TX Drivers License or ID card

  • Hearing Protection (we have some if you need to borrow)

  • Eye Protection (we have some if you need to borrow)

  • Lunch and snacks if you wish.

  • The state required License to Carry Handgun qualification will be held sometime during the class. The range fee (usually $15-$20) is charged by the range and paid directly to them when we qualify.

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