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Texas License To Carry/Concealed Handgun Licensing Process

1. Attend Our Class

Our classes are taught in a relaxed, comfortable, non-intimidating atmosphere. Due to the recent shortening of required hours of instruction by the State, you will need to know how to shoot and how to operate your gun before coming to class. The shooting portion of the curriculum is a Shooting Proficiency Test, not Basic Firearm Instruction. We cover the legal aspects of concealed carry, safe firearm handling and storage, the use of force and deadly force and nonviolent dispute resolution.

Fees for our Class:
  • $79 - Texas Concealed Handgun Licensing Course

  • $150- Introductions to Handguns and CHL Combo Course


Additional Cost on Class Date:
  • Range Fee (typically under $20 per person)

  • 50 rounds of ammunition

Go to the Texas DPS website and register online.

Texas DPS Cost:


You can register with Texas DPS BEFORE you take our class or up to two years AFTER you take our class for a New License.

  • $40 - New License (5 years)

  • $35 - Renewal

  • Free - Active Military


For Veterans or citizens over 60, DPS fees are reduced by half (only one reduction, no combined reductions). For Active Military, the DPS fees are $0. Retired and Active Peace Officers and some members of the judiciary have reduced fees.


3. Get Your Electronic Fingerprints

MorphoTrust USA has multiple locations around the Metroplex. Go online (when you complete your online application), book an appointment and they'll have you out of there in 10 minutes with a 98% acceptance rate.

  • $9.95 - Electronic Fingerprints (paid when you complete the Texas DPS Online Application)


4. Upload Your Class Completion Certificate via the DPS website.

At the end of the class, we will present you with the LTC-100 Certificate of Proficiency. MAKE SURE YOU KEEP YOUR LTC-100.  There is a $15 retrieval fee to obtain a lost LTC-100 from our archives.  If you have lost your LTC-100, see below to order an archived copy.


Once you've completed your online application and electronic fingerprints, simply upload above items to TX DPS. This is completed via the Contact Us (Click for link) option.  Your license will arrive in the mail within a few weeks.

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Ordering Archived LTC-100 Form Instructions

  1. If you have lost your form and need another copy, click the button below to order your Archived LTC-100 Class Completion Form and pay the $25 archival fee.

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