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Registration for the February 20th  Life Church Private LTC Class

About the Event

This discount class (normally $79 + $19 range fee) is being offered by Life Church Fort Worth.  Class is $50 plus a $19 range fee.  


The state requires that you must already know how to load and shoot your gun without assistance to qualify for your License to Carry.  If you do not know how, or are new to handguns we can qualify you at a later date after you become proficient or have attended an intro class.  You can still take the class to get the classroom portion out of the way, just qualify later!


**You Will Need:**


- State ID Card or Driver's License  No guns in the classroom


For Qualification:

- Handgun *(.22 Caliber or higher)*+ 50 rounds of ammo 

- Appropriate Attire *(i.e. closed toed shoes and high neck shirts.)*

- Hearing Protection *(we have some if you need to borrow)*

- Eye Protection *(we have some if you need to borrow)*


Qualifications will be completed at the end of the classroom portion at the new state of the art Gritr Sports in North Richland Hills.   All attendees are requested to fill out the range waiver ahead of time.  CLICK HERE to complete the range waiver.


*If you do not have a gun or can't find ammo, we have some available for rent but PLEASE reserve in your reservation as we have to have an accurate number of rental guns to have enough for everyone.  If you don't reserve one when you register we can't guarantee there will be enough ammo for you when you qualify. Rental fees are $25 and include the ammo for the gun.


***Due to state regulations, we will not be taking a break for lunch.  If you wish to bring food, you are more than welcome.***

Life Church License To Carry Class
Life Church License To Carry Class
Feb 20, 2021, 9:00 AM
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